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In this tutorial, we will learn how to check the Python version on a Mac. Knowing the Python version installed on your system is important for compatibility reasons and to ensure that your code runs smoothly.

Checking Python Version from the Terminal

To check the Python version from the terminal, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Open the Terminal application on your Mac. You can find it by searching for “Terminal” in Spotlight or by navigating to Applications > Utilities > Terminal.
  • Step 2: Once the Terminal window opens, type the following command and press Enter:
$ python --version

This command will display the Python version installed on your Mac.


If you have both Python 2.x and Python 3.x installed, running this command might display the version of Python 2.x as it is set as the default version. In such cases, you can use another command to check for a specific Python version.

Checking Specific Python Version

If you have multiple versions of Python installed on your Mac and want to check a specific version, you can use the following command:

$ python3 --version

This command will display the version of Python 3.x installed on your system. If you want to check a different specific version (e.g., Python 2.7), replace “python3” with “python2.7” in the above command.


If running either of these commands does not return any output or gives an error message, it means that Python is not installed on your system. In that case, you will need to install Python before proceeding.


By following the steps mentioned above, you can easily check the Python version on your Mac. This information is crucial for ensuring compatibility and making sure your code runs without any issues.

Remember to always check the Python version before starting any new projects or running existing ones to avoid compatibility problems.

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