How to Change Startup Programs on Mac

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Changing Startup Programs on Mac

When you turn on your Mac, you may notice that certain applications automatically launch. While this can be convenient for frequently used apps, it can also slow down your computer’s startup time and consume system resources.

Fortunately, you can easily manage which programs start up when you boot your Mac. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of changing startup programs on your Mac.

Step 1: Open System Preferences

To begin, click on the Apple menu located in the top-left corner of your screen. From the dropdown menu, select “System Preferences”. Alternatively, you can use Spotlight by pressing Command + Space and typing “System Preferences” to quickly access this feature.

Step 2: Access Users & Groups

In the System Preferences window, locate and click on the “Users & Groups” icon. It is represented by two people standing side by side.

Step 3: Choose Your User Account

In the Users & Groups window, select your user account from the sidebar on the left-hand side. Your user account will be represented by a house icon with your username next to it.

Step 4: Navigate to Login Items

After selecting your user account, click on the “Login Items” tab located at the top of the window. This tab contains a list of all applications that are set to open automatically when you log in to your Mac.

Step 5: Add or Remove Startup Programs

To add a new application to startup programs, click on the “+” sign located below the list of login items. A file browser window will appear allowing you to navigate and select an application from your computer.

If you want to remove an application from startup programs, simply select it from the list and click on the “-” sign below the list. The selected application will be removed from the startup programs list.

Step 6: Reorder Startup Programs

In some cases, you may want to change the order in which applications launch at startup. To do this, select an application from the list and use the up and down arrows located below the list to rearrange the order.

Step 7: Restart Your Mac

Once you have made all the desired changes to your startup programs, it is recommended to restart your Mac. This will ensure that your changes take effect.

Note: Remember that removing an application from startup programs does not uninstall it from your Mac. It only prevents it from launching automatically when you start your computer. You can still manually open these applications whenever you need them.


By following these simple steps, you can easily manage and customize which programs start up when you boot your Mac. Taking control of your startup programs can help improve your computer’s performance and make for a smoother user experience.

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