How to Change Parental Controls on iPhone

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Are you a parent who wants to ensure the safety of your child while they use their iPhone? Look no further!

In this tutorial, we will guide you step by step on how to change parental controls on iPhone. With these controls, you can restrict access to certain apps, content, and features, providing a safer online environment for your child.

Step 1: Go to Settings

The first step is to locate the Settings app on your iPhone. You can usually find the Settings app on your home screen.

It has an icon that resembles gears. Tap on it to open the Settings.

Step 2: Locate Screen Time

In the Settings menu, scroll down and look for the “Screen Time” option. It is usually located in the second section of the menu.

Step 3: Set up Screen Time

Tapping on “Screen Time” will open a new menu where you can manage various settings related to usage and parental controls. To set up parental controls, tap on the “Turn On Screen Time” option.


If you have already set up a passcode for Screen Time, you will need to enter it here to proceed further.

Step 4: Enable Content & Privacy Restrictions

In the next screen, tap on “Content & Privacy Restrictions”. This is where you can customize various restrictions for your child’s iPhone usage.


If prompted, enter your device passcode or authenticate with Touch ID/Face ID.

Step 5: Customize Restrictions

Within the Content & Privacy Restrictions menu, you will find a wide range of options to customize the restrictions according to your preferences. Here are some key options:

  • App Store Purchases: You can choose to allow or block app installations and in-app purchases.
  • Content Restrictions: You can set age limits for content such as movies, music, books, apps, and more.
  • Privacy: You can restrict access to various privacy settings like location services and contacts.
  • Allow Changes: You can prevent changes to important settings like passcode, account settings, and cellular data usage.


You can explore each option in detail and customize the restrictions based on your child’s needs and age appropriateness. Make sure to save your changes after customizing each restriction.


You have successfully changed parental controls on iPhone! With these new settings in place, you can rest assured knowing that your child is using their iPhone safely. Remember to regularly review and update these settings as your child grows older and their needs change.

We hope this tutorial has been helpful in guiding you through the process of changing parental controls on iPhone. If you have any further questions or need assistance with any other features, feel free to ask!

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