How to Change Mov to Mp4 on Mac

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If you are a Mac user and have come across the need to convert MOV files to MP4, you’ve come to the right place. In this tutorial, we will walk you through the process of changing MOV to MP4 on your Mac. Whether you want to convert a single file or multiple files, we’ve got you covered.

Method 1: Using QuickTime Player

If you don’t have any third-party software installed on your Mac, don’t worry! You can use the built-in QuickTime Player application to convert your MOV files to MP4. Here’s how:

  1. Launch QuickTime Player: Open the Applications folder, locate QuickTime Player, and double-click on it.
  2. Open the MOV file: Click on “File” in the menu bar and select “Open File.” Browse your computer and select the MOV file that you want to convert.
  3. Select Export As: Once the MOV file is open in QuickTime Player, click on “File” again in the menu bar and choose “Export As.

  4. Choose MP4 format: In the Export dialog box, select “MP4” as the format from the dropdown menu.
  5. Select destination: Choose where you want to save the converted MP4 file by clicking on “Save. “
  6. Start Conversion: Finally, click on “Save” again to begin converting your MOV file to MP4. The conversion process may take some time depending on your file size and computer speed.

This method is quick and easy if you only have a few files to convert. However, if you are dealing with a large number of files or want more advanced options, you might need to consider alternative methods.

Method 2: Using Video Conversion Software

If you frequently need to convert MOV files to MP4 or require additional features like batch conversion, customization options, and faster processing speeds, using dedicated video conversion software is the way to go. Here are two popular options:

  • HandBrake: HandBrake is a free and open-source video converter that supports various input formats, including MOV, and enables you to convert them to MP4 effortlessly. You can download HandBrake from their official website and follow the installation instructions provided.
  • Wondershare UniConverter: Formerly known as Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate, this software offers a user-friendly interface with powerful conversion capabilities.

    It supports batch conversion, video editing, and many other useful features. You can download Wondershare UniConverter from their website and install it on your Mac.

Once you have installed your preferred video conversion software, follow the instructions provided by the specific application to convert your MOV files to MP4. Generally, it involves selecting the MOV files you wish to convert, choosing MP4 as the output format, and initiating the conversion process.

In conclusion,

Converting MOV files to MP4 on Mac is a straightforward process that can be accomplished using either QuickTime Player or third-party video conversion software like HandBrake or Wondershare UniConverter. Choose the method that suits your needs best and enjoy seamless compatibility with various devices and platforms.

We hope this tutorial has helped you in understanding how to change MOV to MP4 on your Mac. Now go ahead and start converting those files!

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