How to Change Language on iPhone

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Are you looking to change the language on your iPhone? Whether you’ve accidentally set it to the wrong language or simply want to explore a different language for your device, this tutorial will guide you through the process step-by-step.

Changing the Language on iPhone:

If you want to change the language on your iPhone, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Open Settings

To begin, locate and tap on the Settings app on your home screen. It is represented by a gray icon with gears.

Step 2: Find General

Within the Settings menu, scroll down and look for the General option. It is typically located towards the top of the list.

Step 3: Access Language & Region

In the General menu, find and tap on Language & Region. This option is usually located near the top of the menu.

Step 4: Choose Preferred Language

In Language & Region settings, tap on iPhone Language. Here, you will see a list of available languages. Scroll through and select your preferred language by tapping on it.

Step 5: Confirm Your Selection

A pop-up message will appear asking if you want to change the language. Tap “Change to [Selected Language]”.

Step 6: Wait for iPhone to Restart

Your iPhone will now restart and apply the new language settings. This process may take a few moments.

  • Note:
  • If prompted, enter your passcode to unlock your iPhone after it restarts.

Once your device restarts, the language will be changed to your selected preference. Your iPhone will now display all system menus, notifications, and apps in the newly chosen language.


Changing the language on your iPhone is a straightforward process that can be easily accomplished by following these steps. By selecting your preferred language, you can personalize your iPhone to suit your needs and preferences.

Remember, if you ever need to revert back to the original language or change it again in the future, simply follow these steps and select a different language from the list provided.

Now that you know how to change the language on your iPhone, go ahead and explore different languages to enhance your user experience!

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