How to Change Keyboard Background on Android

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Welcome to this tutorial on how to change the keyboard background on Android! Are you tired of looking at the same old keyboard design?

Well, you’re in luck because in this article, we will show you how to customize your keyboard background on your Android device. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Install a Keyboard App

The first step is to install a keyboard app that supports background customization. There are several options available on the Google Play Store, such as SwiftKey, Gboard, or FancyKey. Choose the one that suits your preferences and download it from the Play Store.

Step 2: Open Keyboard Settings

Once you have installed a keyboard app, go to your device’s Settings and find the “Language & input” or “Keyboard” settings. Depending on your device and Android version, these settings may be located under different menus.

Option A: Language & Input

If you see “Language & input” in your device settings, tap on it and then select the current keyboard app you are using.

Option B: Keyboard

If you see “Keyboard” in your device settings, tap on it and then select the current keyboard app you are using.

Step 3: Customize Keyboard Background

Once inside the keyboard app settings, look for an option related to “themes,” “appearance,” or “keyboard customization.” Tap on this option to access the customization features.

Option A: Built-in Themes

Sometimes, keyboard apps come with built-in themes that you can choose from. Browse through the available themes and select one that appeals to you. The selected theme will automatically change your keyboard background.

Option B: Custom Background

If the keyboard app allows custom backgrounds, look for an option to “add” or “choose” a background image. Tap on this option and select an image from your device’s gallery. You may be able to adjust the image’s position or opacity to achieve the desired effect.

Step 4: Save and Apply Changes

After customizing the keyboard background, make sure to save your changes. Look for a “Save,” “Apply,” or “Done” button within the keyboard app settings and tap on it. Your new keyboard background will now be applied.

Step 5: Test Your New Keyboard Background

To ensure that your new keyboard background is working correctly, open any app that requires text input, such as messaging or email. Tap on a text field to bring up the keyboard, and you should see your customized background in action!


Congratulations! You have successfully changed the keyboard background on your Android device.

Enjoy a fresh new look every time you type with your personalized keyboard design. Remember that you can always go back to the settings of your chosen keyboard app to switch themes or customize further if you desire.

Thank you for reading this tutorial! We hope it was helpful in guiding you through the process of changing your Android keyboard background. Happy typing!

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