How to Block Spam Emails on iPhone

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Spam emails can be a nuisance, cluttering up your inbox and wasting your time. Fortunately, if you have an iPhone, there are several ways you can block spam emails and keep your inbox clean. In this tutorial, we will walk you through the step-by-step process to block spam emails on your iPhone.

Block Spam Emails on iPhone using the Mail App

If you’re using the default Mail app on your iPhone, you can follow these simple steps to block spam emails:

Step 1: Open the Mail App

To get started, locate and tap the Mail app icon on your iPhone’s home screen.

Step 2: Identify the Spam Email

Navigate to your inbox and find the spam email that you want to block. It’s important to note that blocking an email will move it to your Junk folder and prevent future emails from that sender from reaching your inbox.

Step 3: Block the Sender

To block the sender of the spam email, tap on the email to open it. Next, tap on the sender’s name or email address at the top of the email. This will open a new window with options related to that contact.

  • Select “Block This Contact”: In this window, scroll down and tap on “Block This Contact”. A confirmation pop-up will appear.
  • Confirm Blocking: Confirm by tapping “Block Contact” in the pop-up window. The sender is now blocked.

Block Spam Emails on iPhone using a Third-Party App

If you prefer using a third-party app for managing your emails on iPhone, there are many options available on the App Store. Here’s how you can use one of these apps to block spam emails:

Step 1: Download and Install a Third-Party Mail App

Open the App Store on your iPhone and search for a reputable third-party mail app. Download and install the app of your choice.

Step 2: Set Up the App

Open the newly installed mail app and follow the on-screen instructions to set up your email accounts. Make sure to grant the necessary permissions for the app to block spam emails.

Step 3: Configure Spam Filtering

Once your email accounts are set up, navigate to the settings of the third-party mail app. Look for options related to spam filtering or blocking unwanted emails.

  • Enable Spam Filtering: Toggle on the spam filtering option if it’s not already enabled. This will help prevent most spam emails from reaching your inbox.
  • Add Custom Filters: Some apps allow you to add custom filters based on specific criteria like sender, subject, or keywords. Use this feature to create filters that Target common types of spam emails.

With these steps, you can effectively block most spam emails from reaching your iPhone’s inbox. By keeping your inbox clean, you’ll be able to focus on important emails and reduce distractions.

In Conclusion

Blocking spam emails on iPhone is essential to maintaining a clutter-free inbox.

The default Mail app provides a simple way to block individual senders, while third-party mail apps offer more advanced features like custom filters.

Choose the method that best suits your needs and take control of your email experience on your iPhone.

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