How to Block a Specific App on iPhone

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Are you looking to block a specific app on your iPhone? Whether it’s to prevent distractions or limit access to certain apps, blocking apps can be a useful feature. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of blocking a specific app on your iPhone.

Step 1: Access Screen Time Settings

To begin, go to your iPhone’s settings by tapping on the “Settings” app icon. Look for the “Screen Time” option and tap on it. If you haven’t set up Screen Time before, you may need to go through the initial setup process.

Step 2: Enable App Limits

In the Screen Time settings, tap on “App Limits”. You may need to enter your device passcode or use Touch ID/Face ID for authentication. Once you have access to App Limits, tap on “Add Limit”.

Step 3: Select Specific App

You will now see a list of different categories of apps available on your iPhone. Scroll down and locate the category that contains the app you want to block. Tap on it to expand the category and reveal all the apps within that category.

Note: If you can’t find the app in any specific category, scroll further down and select “All Apps & Categories”. This will display all the apps installed on your iPhone.

Once you have found the app, tap on it to select it. You will notice a blue checkmark indicating that the app is now selected for blocking.

Step 4: Set Time Limit

In this step, you can set a time limit for how long you want this app to be accessible each day. Slide your finger across the time picker wheel to adjust the time limit according to your preference. Once you have set the desired time limit, tap on “Add” at the top right corner of the screen to save your settings.

Note: If you want to completely block the app and prevent any access, set the time limit to “0 minutes”.

Step 5: Customize Downtime Settings

If you want to further restrict access to the app during specific hours, you can enable “Downtime” settings. This will block all apps during the specified hours except for those that are marked as “Always Allowed”.

To customize downtime settings, go back to the main Screen Time settings and tap on “Downtime”. Set your preferred start and end times for downtime.

Step 6: Test App Blocking

Now that you have blocked the specific app, it’s time to test if it’s working as expected. Go back to your home screen and try opening the app that you have blocked. You should see a message indicating that the app is currently unavailable due to your App Limit settings or Downtime restrictions.

In Conclusion

Blocking a specific app on your iPhone can help you stay focused or control access for others. With Screen Time settings, it is easy to set up app limits and customize restrictions according to your preferences. Follow these steps and take control of your app usage on your iPhone today!

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