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Airdrop is a convenient feature on Mac that allows you to wirelessly share files with other Apple devices nearby. Whether you want to send a photo, a document, or any other type of file, Airdrop makes it quick and easy. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the steps to use Airdrop on your Mac.

Step 1: Enable Airdrop

To begin using Airdrop, you need to make sure it is enabled on your Mac. Here’s how:

  • Click on the Finder icon in your dock (the blue and white face icon).
  • In the menu bar, click on “Go” and then select “AirDrop”.
  • A new window will appear with the option to enable Airdrop.
  • If Airdrop is already enabled, you can skip this step.
  • If not, click on “Allow me to be discovered by” and select either “Contacts Only” or “Everyone”, depending on who you want to be able to see your device when sharing files.

Step 2: Sending Files via Airdrop

Now that Airdrop is enabled, let’s learn how to send files:

Sending a File from Finder:

  • Select the file that you want to send.
  • In the menu bar, click on “File” and then select “Share”.
  • A dropdown menu will appear with various sharing options.
  • Choose “AirDrop” from the list.
  • A window will appear displaying nearby devices.
  • Select the recipient from the list.
  • Click on “Send” to initiate the transfer.

Sending a File from an App:

  • Open the app that contains the file you want to send (e.g., Photos, Pages, etc.).
  • Select the file within the app.
    • Note: Make sure that both devices have Airdrop enabled and are within close proximity to successfully send files via Airdrop.

    Step 3: Receiving Files via Airdrop

    Airdrop not only allows you to send files but also receive them effortlessly. Here’s how:

    • If someone wants to send you a file via Airdrop,

    • You will receive a notification (usually in the top-right corner of your screen) indicating that someone wants to share a file with you using Airdrop.
    • Click on “Accept” to receive the file.
    • If you missed the notification,

    • Open Finder and click on “AirDrop” (as we did in Step 1).
    • You will see the sender’s device icon under “Devices”.
    • Drag and drop the received file to a preferred location on your Mac.

    Airdrop is undoubtedly a fantastic feature that makes file sharing between Apple devices seamless. By following these simple steps, you can easily send and receive files using Airdrop on your Mac. Happy sharing!

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