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Adding a user on a Mac is a simple process that allows you to create new accounts for different individuals using the same computer. Whether you want to add a family member, friend, or colleague, the steps below will guide you through the process. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Accessing System Preferences

To begin, click on the Apple menu located on the top-left corner of your screen. From the drop-down menu, select “System Preferences.” Alternatively, you can use the Spotlight Search (press Command + Space) and type in “System Preferences” to open it directly.

Step 2: Selecting Users & Groups

Once inside System Preferences, find and click on the “Users & Groups” option. It is represented by an icon that resembles two people standing side by side.

Step 3: Unlocking System Preferences

Before you can make any changes to user accounts, you need admin privileges. Click on the lock icon at the bottom-left corner of the window and enter your admin username and password when prompted.

Step 4: Adding a New User

With System Preferences unlocked, click on the plus (+) button located below the list of current users. This action will prompt a new window to appear.

Step 5: Filling in User Details

In the new window that appeared, fill in all necessary information for the new user account. This includes Full Name, Account Name (short name), Password (and verify it), and Hint (optional). You also have an option to enable parental controls if needed.

Note: Ensure that each field is filled correctly as they are crucial for account creation.

Step 6: Choosing Account Type

Next, choose the account type for the new user. You have three options to select from:

  • Administrator: This account type has complete control over the Mac system and can make changes, install software, and manage other user accounts.
  • Standard: This account type is suitable for regular users who don’t require admin privileges. They can use most of the system features but cannot make significant changes.
  • Managed with Parental Controls: If you want to add a child’s account with limited access and parental controls, choose this option.

Step 7: Setting Up Options

The final step is to configure additional options for the new user account. You can choose whether to allow the user to reset their password using Apple ID or disable it. Additionally, you can enable FileVault encryption for added security.

Congratulations! You’ve Successfully Added a User on Your Mac!

Once you have filled in all the necessary information and made your desired selections, click on the “Create User” button at the bottom-right corner of the window. The new user account will be created, and you can now log in using those credentials.

Note: It’s important to remember that only admin users can add or remove other accounts on a Mac.


Adding a user on a Mac involves accessing System Preferences, selecting Users & Groups, unlocking preferences with admin privileges, adding a new user by filling in details and selecting an account type, and configuring additional options if required. With these steps, you can easily create separate accounts for different individuals sharing the same Mac computer.

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