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To access your iPhone photos on your PC, you can follow these simple steps.

Method 1: Using iCloud

Step 1: Enable iCloud Photo Library on your iPhone

To begin, open the “Settings” app on your iPhone. Scroll down and tap on “Photos & Camera” or “Photos”. Here, tap on “iCloud Photo Library” and toggle the switch to enable it.

Step 2: Download iCloud for Windows

On your PC, open a web browser and go to the official Apple website. Search for “iCloud for Windows” and download the application.

Step 3: Install and Sign in to iCloud for Windows

Once the download is complete, run the installer and follow the instructions to install iCloud for Windows on your PC. After installation, launch the application and sign in using your Apple ID and password.

Step 4: Configure iCloud Photo Library

In the iCloud for Windows app, click on “Options” next to Photos. In the Photos Options window, enable “iCloud Photo Library” and click on “Done”. You can also choose whether you want to download new photos or videos to your PC automatically.


If you have a large photo library, it may take some time for all your photos and videos to sync with iCloud. Be patient while this process completes.

Step 5: Access Your iPhone Photos

Navigate to the File Explorer on your PC and find a new folder named “iCloud Photos”. Open this folder, and you should see subfolders labeled with the year the photos were taken. Inside these subfolders, you will find your iPhone photos organized by date.

Method 2: Using File Explorer

Step 1: Connect Your iPhone to PC

Using a USB cable, connect your iPhone to your PC. Make sure to unlock your iPhone and trust the computer if prompted.

Step 2: Open File Explorer

On your PC, open File Explorer by clicking on the folder icon in the taskbar or by pressing the Windows key + E. In the left sidebar of File Explorer, locate and click on “This PC” or “My Computer”.

Step 3: Access Your iPhone Photos

In the “Devices and Drives” section, you should see your connected iPhone listed as a portable device. Double-click on it to open it.


If you don’t see your iPhone listed, make sure it is properly connected and unlocked. You may also need to tap on “Trust” on your iPhone when prompted.

Step 4: Navigate to Your Photos

In your iPhone’s folder, navigate through “Internal Storage” > “DCIM”. Here, you will find folders with names like “100APPLE” or “101APPLE”. These folders contain your photos and videos.

Congratulations! You now know how to access your iPhone photos on your PC using iCloud or File Explorer. Whether you prefer using iCloud for seamless syncing or manually browsing through folders using File Explorer, both methods allow you to conveniently view and transfer your cherished memories from your iPhone to your PC.

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